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From Casey R.

This place is a great sports bar to visit the menu has a good selection of Hot wings, burgers, fries, mashed potatoes , vegetables etc... Families go here together and you can tell who the regulars are as well. The waitresses and bartenders are friendly and helpful always letting you know what the specials are....in all I really like going to this place.


From Elliott V.

I bought a groupon for Burkes for a night out with my girlfriend.  I bought it thinking it was a good deal because it covered 2 burgers/sandwiches, an appetizer, and 2 beers.  When I got there and looked at the menu, I said to myself. "Oh... thats how they get you.  5.00 burger and all the add-ons cost extra." still, I thought it was a good deal because the app and the beers alone would cost the total amount.  However, I was mistaken.  The fixins were all included in the groupon. 

1. The service was fantastic.

2. The food was great! I liked the boneless wings.

3. I was able to watch the yankee game without uncomfortably moving my head (and I would have been able to from any table in the house)

4.  We didn't feel singled out or any different from any other customer because we were using a coupon, as some experience in other restaurants.

5.  The beers tasted great too.  There was a decent selection of beers, not craft (Goose Island was bought out by Inbev, so Its up to you if you want to still call it a craft beer).  But what I mean by this is that the taps were clean.  A lot of the time when you go to a bar for the first time you may be weary of ordering a draft beer.  Sometimes theres a faint taste of eggs, or just staleness, or gunky hoses.  The beer here tasted very good.

I was extremely impressed with the service and the food here at Burkes.  I even told my coworkers about the deal and they bought one too.  When they came back, they said that management was extremely flexible with substituting menu items and sodas for the beers (they aren't really drinkers).  They were also extremely happy with Burkes.

 The only problem I had with this restaurant is that we were served SO MUCH FOOD and it was all so delicious that we had to eat it all and it was a bit uncomfortable walking back to my car and up the stairs back home.  But thats not their fault :)    I will definitely be coming back, with an empty stomach.


From Paula M:

Pretty busy, 
Brunch is excellent ! The bartenders make everyone feel welcomed , service is pretty fast . I visit regularly and its a place where everyone knows your name!

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